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Adult Breastfeeding

It is Christmas time and adults and children around the world are expecting uncle Santa Claus in red dress with white beard. But what are we lactating fetish fans expecting on this Christmas? How about a lactating babe in red with milky white tits? It will be absolutely delicious if she can breastfeed me as [...]

Asian Lactating Wife

Many of you have expressed your interest in Asian lactation videos. So I thought I will tell you about the milky video of this hot Asian lactating wife. Remember the Asian wife in the adult breastfeeding and the lactating housewife pictures I posted last year? Well this is really hardcore stuff that the previous one. [...]

Breastfeeding Video. Boy Sucking Lactating Breasts

When did your mom stop breastfeeding you? Do you remember how you felt sucking on mommy’s milky breasts? I am sure most of us have stopped sucking mom’s lactating nipples at a very young age, long before you start memorizing events in your life. But I bet many of us have secretly wished if we [...]

Black Milky Tits

Some of my friends are huge fans big black tits, especially lactating tits. Personally I like Asian lactating babes and milky white tits. But after seeing the large number of positive response to the ebony lactating tits video, I understood that lot of you guys actually like to see big black milky tits and chocolate [...]

Best Lactating Tits 2007

I wanted to make this post before. But I had a tough time choosing the top 5 lactating tits of last year. Because I love all the milky boobs. But I had to choose the best five. So here they are. Huge Lactating Tits I almost came in my pants when I saw this huge [...]

Erotic Lactation Stories

Recently I got a message from a regular surfer of Lactatings.com asking why there are no lactation stories in here. So far I have only posted sexy lactation pictures and lactating tits vids. Naturally there are some of you lactation fetish lovers out there who loves to read lactation stories as well. Now, I am [...]


Lactatings.com is a site dedicated to lactating and milky tits fetish lovers. The site contains adult breastfeeding fantasies and erotic lactation content. We are trying to bring you the best lactating photos and lactating videos on this site. Below you can find links to all the important pages in this site in case if you [...]

Wife Breastfeeding Husband’s Friend

As a lactating sex lover you must be also interested in adults breastfeeding. I love them. In fact adult breastfeeding is one of my favorite sexual fantasy. That is why you see me posting video clips of breastfeeding sex. But most of lactating porn sites do not have much breastfeeding videos except this milky breasts [...]

Lactating Boobs

You might have seen lactating boobs squirting milk into the hungry mouth of horny men. Those girls with milky lactating nipples must be loving it when men suck on their lactating boobs and drink milk. But what if the guy is just thirsty and want to drink breast milk only to quench his thirst? I [...]