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December 13th, 2009

Adult Breastfeeding

It is Christmas time and adults and children around the world are expecting uncle Santa Claus in red dress with white beard. But what are we lactating fetish fans expecting on this Christmas? How about a lactating babe in red with milky white tits? It will be absolutely delicious if she can breastfeed me as well. :) Isn’t that the ultimate adult breastfeeding fantasy?
Adult breastfeeding
I know many of you guys liked the Asian lactating wife which I posted here. Here is another beautiful Asian lactating girl in this hot adult breastfeeding video. Look at her big lactating tits and swollen nipples ready to be sucked. The lucky dude is playing like kid hungry for Mommy’s milk. And the sexy lactating chick open’s her blouse and push her milky nipples into his hungry mouth. You should see the dude’s delighted face as the babe is breastfeeding the grownup man like he is her baby. The particular adult breastfeeding movie got lot more scenes including hardcore lactation sex. Click on the image and check out the sexy adult breastfeeding video.
Wish you all lactation fetish lovers Milky Xmas and a Happy New Year. ;)

2 Responses to “Adult Breastfeeding”

  1. bean Says:


  2. yes Says:

    im looking for someone who will breastfeed me but im having the hardest time finding someone im a 38year old female and want to be feed help me im in savannah and really want to do this

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