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Breast Milk Breakfast

Monday, June 13th, 2011

Are you hungry? Want milk? How about a nice breast milk breakfast with scrambled eggs? ;)
Zorra is going to prepare a yummy breakfast for you with her tit milk. Watch her squirting her milk into the frying pan and cooking scrambled eggs. Zorra even eats the breakfast made with her own breast milk. She got a lot of milk left in her milky boobs. Would you like to suck on them and drink those sweet milk from mommy’s tits? Go ahead and watch the pictures by clicking on the images below.

Lactaing Breast Milk

See the Full Video at the Member’s area of Lactation Fantasy

Lactating Breast

Wednesday, July 15th, 2009

You guys must be hungry to suck on new lactating breasts. Do you remember the sexy Lactating girl Rose from XXCel? Lactating BreastTheir site is not 100% lactating fetish site. However they have got some of the best breasts and many of them are milky!
Well here is another sexy babe with lactating breast full of yummy breast milk. So who wants to suck on her milky tits first? It is summer time and you guys must be thirsty. How about sucking on her pink milky nipples and drinking every drop of her sweet breast milk? (If you are in India or in Asia it must be raining outside. And inside it is milky. ;) )
Click on the thumbnail picture to see the full sized lactating breast photo. If you like what you see, then you can click further and download the full video from XXCel. Enjoy the milk shower for this summer guys.

Milky Melons

Monday, March 9th, 2009

Big milky melons splashing breast milk in air!Milky Melons Do you remember the squirting tits picture I posted at the beginning of this year? I know many of you loved that lactating wife spraying her milk. Well that was just a beginning of what is going to follow. Here is a hot lactating Latina babe on the top of mountain with milky melons exposed. She was with her friends who also happen have big yummy tits. When they reached on the top of the mountain the camera man asked them to reveal their big mounts. And this hot lactating Latina girl not only exposed her milky tits but also squeezed her nipples to spray fresh breast milk all over the place.
I would have gladly placed my face in front of her big melons with an open mouth. ;) Check out the picture guys.

A Cup of Breast Milk

Wednesday, July 23rd, 2008

On a Friday even when Allen reached back home after a tiring days hard work, his busty girl friend Brittany welcomed him with a sexy smile.Breast Milk Ever since she is knocked-up Brittany is incredibly horny and her big milky tits already started oozing milk, longing for someone to suck on them. But Allen was too tired and he needed a glass of milk and some rest. And this busty blonde babe knew what exactly she has to do to get Allen is the right fucking mood. Watch the Brittany milking her big lactating boobs using a breast pump. She then poured her fresh breast milk into a cup served to Allen. Guess what…
Allen got an instant boner as soon as he figured out it was her breast milk and he was on his way to suck on her big milky tits right there. See all the full length HD video at lactation fantasy.

By the way what do you think of this blonde lactating babe? Do you think she is hotter than Anastasia, the sexy lactating girl?

Forced Milking

Thursday, May 22nd, 2008

I am not too much interested in forced sex or bdsm stuff. But I know many of you would love to see forced breast milking pics and video. Forced MilkingIt wouldn’t be nice if I leave you guys left alone with no forced milking pics at Lactatings.com
So today I decided to do an extensive search for forced breast milking movies instead of looking for the regular lactating porn movies. After hours of digging I finally found this lactation fantasy site with forced milking photos and video. I did not get a chance to see the members area of this site yet. It looks like they have some exclusive collection of lactation movies including lactating lesbians, forced milking, milk squirting and adult breast feeding. I will write a detailed review about this site once I take a good look at the paid members area and their milking boobs videos. For now, click on the image to see the high resolution breast milking photo from lactation fantasy.

Wife Breastfeeding Husband’s Friend

Sunday, September 30th, 2007

As a lactating sex lover you must be also interested in adults breastfeeding. I love them. In fact adult breastfeeding is one of my favorite sexual fantasy. That is why you see me posting video clips of breastfeeding sex. But most of lactating porn sites do not have much breastfeeding videos except this milky breasts site. Many pictures and videos of wife breastfeeding husband and some hot lactating videos.They have plenty of them in their members area. Here one of my favorite scene where the the horny wife is breastfeeding husband’s best friend.

Adult Breastfeeding
Next time before you leave your lactating wife alone at home, make sure that you suck all her tit milk till you empty her milky boobs. ;)

Milking Breasts

Saturday, September 22nd, 2007

Sybil is a lactating mom with milky breasts. Forced Milking Sybil got a problem. Her boobs are always filled with milk. Within an hour or so after nursing her baby Sybil’s lovely breasts are filled with milk again. She has no other option that milking breasts using a pump to squeeze out the extra milk. But guess what, she enjoys forced milking and loves it when her hubby is milking breasts. Here is photo her husband took while Sybil is milking her tits using the pump which is latched to her lovely pink nipples.
You can see more lactation pictures and breast milking videos at Sexy Lactation.

Man Sucking Mother’s Lactating Breasts

Friday, July 20th, 2007

You guys have been watching so many naked lactating tits and nipples. Now it is time for little fun. Here is a video from the popular series Little Britain. He is always hungry for bitty and need mothers breast milk even if he at the restaurant with his girl friend and her parents. Watch the videos.

Little Britain – Bitty Video

Video from Videovat

Who else is lucky to suck on mothers breasts when you are old? :)

Lactating Housewife

Friday, July 6th, 2007

Here is a lactating housewife. Her tits are always filled with milk. Lactating LadyThis desperate housewife is squeezing out her milk frm her lovely tits. I understand it is painful to have a pair of sore milkers. And in this partcular picture the lady seems to be lost in thoughts when squirting out her breast milk. But in the rest of the pictures she seems to be enjoying her lactating experience.
Don’t you want to see the full photo collection. You can see them all at sexy lactating, one of the premium lactating sex site. Lot of lovely lactating babes and housewives there.

Milky Lactating Boobs

Tuesday, July 3rd, 2007

What will you do if your wife got lot of milk in her lactating boobs? Lactating Boobs PictureYou have two choice. Either you can ask her to use a breast pump to drain the excess milk from her boobs. Or you can suck on her milky boobs and quench your thirst. Here is one such lactating wife who got lot of milk in her boobs and there is noone to suck on her lactating boobs. Would you like to help her by sucking her lovely boobs?
What are you waiting for? Go ahead and click on the picture. You can see big pictures of Angey squirting out her breast milk using a breast pump. I beleive, a breast can not replace the effect of nipple sucking by a horny dude.