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Milky Juggs Lactating DVD

Wednesday, April 8th, 2009

You might have noticed the new lactating Videos on Demand section from the top menu bar. Milk Juggs is one of the sexy lactating DVD movies I watched recently from the VOD section.Milky Juggs
Now, I must tell you that the videos on demand or VOD is a collection of premium full length lactating DVD videos. That means you need to pay to view the content. However you can preview the scenes before you download the movies. If you are watching the milky movies online then you can fast forward the scenes which you do not wish to watch. You just need to pay for only the real stuff . :)
Anyway check out this hot lactating DVD called Milky Juggs where you can see fresh breast milk from her big juggs as well as the babe getting banged in wet & creamy sex scenes.

Lactating Lesbians Video

Monday, February 23rd, 2009

If you go through the collection lactating videos here you will find video clips of lactating lesbians here. I know those video clips are not very clear. But I though there won’t many people interested in lactating lesbians. After all we men love sucking on milky tits. So I though you guys will more interested in watching a man sucking on milky boobs. I guess I was wrong. There are lot lactation fetish lovers who would love to see two lactating women playing each other sucking and squirting their breast milk. That’s why I brought this hot lactating lesbian sex video for you guys and gals. Check it out.

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You can download the full video here from Sexy Lactation. Enjoy mommy’s milky breasts guys. ;)

Forced Lactation

Wednesday, January 21st, 2009

Hope all of you lactating fetish lovers had a yummy milky new year eve. Did you guys like the squirting tits picture I posted to welcome 2009? Hope you guys liked it. forced-lactation.jpg
Now, lets watch something more kinky. Earlier last year when I have posted the forced milking picture a friend of mine pointed out that, it is not real bondage stuff. Those of who are more into BDSM and bondage fetish love to watch the girl’s milky boobs tied up and squeezed hard. Well here is real forced lactation movie. See this Asian lactating babe getting her milky tits tied-up. Watch the dude forcing milk out of her breasts and collecting the fresh breast milk into a glass. Check out the five free forced lactation video clips by clicking on the picture.

Breastfeeding Video. Boy Sucking Lactating Breasts

Monday, October 6th, 2008

When did your mom stop breastfeeding you? Do you remember how you felt sucking on mommy’s milky breasts? I am sure most of us have stopped sucking mom’s lactating nipples at a very young age, long before you start memorizing events in your life. But I bet many of us have secretly wished if we suck on mom’s breasts again. ;) Well, not all of us are fortunate like this boy in the breastfeeding video below. Check it out. I am sure; as a lactating sex fan, this is going to be one of the best breastfeeding video you have ever seen.

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It’s a slightly long video. So please be patient and allow the breastfeeding video to load. Watch the lucky guy sucking on those huge milky tits of two sexy lactating mothers. Damn… I wish I could suckle on milky boobs like those milky melons when I was at his age. :D

Lactation Sex

Tuesday, July 8th, 2008

Elizabeth started Squirting her Breast Milk all over His face!

Elizabeth was delighted to find that her Hubby’s best friend Marvin find lactating women to be incredibly sexy. Her husband John wasn’t interested in breast milk and he did not find Elizabeth’s lactating tits attractive. (what a loser! ;) ) Marvin on the other hand was a lactation sex fetish who found her milky tits really hot and every time he met Elizabeth and her lactating boobs he was getting incredibly horny. He finally decided to risk his friendship and seduce Elizabeth to get his hands on her lovely milky boobs. But Marvin was yet to know the big surprise was waiting for him. Elizabeth was already breast feeding the guy who was staying next door!
Watch the hot lactation sex video as Marvin gets his face covered with breast milk while her next door neighbor was banging Elizabeth’s pussy!

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You can download this Full Video Here at Sexy Lactation
This lactation sex video is incredibly popular. I have seen this video in the members are of Milky Breasts as well.

Nursing Milky Breasts

Saturday, April 26th, 2008

Couple of years back, many people thought lactation and milf fetish people are sick. But today more and more people are involved in adult nursing relationships and are ready to admit the fact that they are incredibly attracted with the idea of erotic lactation. Nursing Breasts Video
Thanks to lactating tits sites like Lactatings.com :D I know what you are thinking now. “Ok, enough of this brag, let me watch some milky tits.” I hear you. Here is a screen shot from a video which recently come across. Click on the picture and see the second video clip. I have to warn you that, there are some hardcore video clips in that gallery. Sorry! But when I saw this lactating babe nursing her milky breasts and squirting milk, I thought I will share it with you guys. Just remember to watch the “Sample Trailer#2″ from the movie gallery. Enjoy the milky boobs guys. ;)

XXX Lactating Milking on Cocks

Friday, April 11th, 2008

This is a xxx rated lactation video. The last free video I posted, Man sucking milk from tits was a softcore one. blonde-milking.jpgOf course the full length movie got lot of hardcore stuff which you can get it from Milky Breasts. In todays first video you can see a lovely blonde babe milking her tits on to two hard cocks. She first squeeze her milky nipples and spray fresh milk on to a black cock. She then turned to the white cock who was eagerly waiting for some attention. While this horny blonde babe was squirting her breast milk on to his baby maker, the black dick was running all over her erect nipples.
In the next video clip it is her to suck milk from the guys. Watch her giving perfect oral sex by milking the cock fully dry. That’s not all. You have two more free lactating video clips on this page. Hey, it is getting difficult for me to watch the video and type with one hand. (My other hand is busy ;) )Why don’t you guys click on the image and see the video. If you guys still need more video to get off, then check out the boobs milking video

Milking Boobs

Tuesday, February 26th, 2008

I want more lactating tits. Ok buddy, I can hear you. I know that the big teen boobs were no match for those love lactating tits. But hey, I did post the best lactating tits of 2007 for all of guys. ;)
Well let us move on and find out some hot new lactating boobs. Here is a lucky old man milking boobs of a latina babe. This babe just arrived in US with her lactating tits and wanted to learn English from this old man. Guess what, he took the full advantage of it. Watch the lucky old bugger sucking on her milky tits and later milking her boobs. Enjoy the video.

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See the full length breast milking videos at Sexy Lactation.

Cock Milking with Tits

Sunday, December 30th, 2007

Who else wants to see the videos of this busty babe with huge tits milking a hard cock with her boobs? I bet you do. Being a member of many premium lactating sex sites, I have plenty of lactating videos of hot and sexy lactating babes. Cock Milking TitsSo for change I wanted to watch something different during the end of the year. During my search I found this huge tits babe Maria Moore in a sexy nurse uniform. This naughty nurse is milking cocks of her patients with her massive boobs in this hot video.
Check out the hot cock milking video clips by clicking on the picture. Milk your cock as Maria Moore is milking her patient by sliding his baby maker between her huge boobs.

Free Milky Video

Sunday, November 18th, 2007

It has been while since I posted a free lactating video on this site. So here we go. Check out this lucky guy sucking breast milk from the big milky tits like a hungry cat. See the babe milking her lactating tits to squirt milk into his awaiting mouth. Do you wanna drink milk? Only crying babies get milk. So click the picture below and head straight into our free erotic lactation video page. Hope you will like it.

Milky Vids
Click the Pic above to See the Free Milky Video

Please wait for the video to load and enjoy the hot lactation movie.