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January 21st, 2009

Forced Lactation

Hope all of you lactating fetish lovers had a yummy milky new year eve. Did you guys like the squirting tits picture I posted to welcome 2009? Hope you guys liked it. forced-lactation.jpg
Now, lets watch something more kinky. Earlier last year when I have posted the forced milking picture a friend of mine pointed out that, it is not real bondage stuff. Those of who are more into BDSM and bondage fetish love to watch the girl’s milky boobs tied up and squeezed hard. Well here is real forced lactation movie. See this Asian lactating babe getting her milky tits tied-up. Watch the dude forcing milk out of her breasts and collecting the fresh breast milk into a glass. Check out the five free forced lactation video clips by clicking on the picture.

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  1. rusty mills Says:

    vary good

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