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May 22nd, 2008

Forced Milking

I am not too much interested in forced sex or bdsm stuff. But I know many of you would love to see forced breast milking pics and video. Forced MilkingIt wouldn’t be nice if I leave you guys left alone with no forced milking pics at Lactatings.com
So today I decided to do an extensive search for forced breast milking movies instead of looking for the regular lactating porn movies. After hours of digging I finally found this lactation fantasy site with forced milking photos and video. I did not get a chance to see the members area of this site yet. It looks like they have some exclusive collection of lactation movies including lactating lesbians, forced milking, milk squirting and adult breast feeding. I will write a detailed review about this site once I take a good look at the paid members area and their milking boobs videos. For now, click on the image to see the high resolution breast milking photo from lactation fantasy.

2 Responses to “Forced Milking”

  1. Waqar Says:

    i love milky tits i want to lick it

  2. applemadan Says:

    i like me so more video please sent me my mail id

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