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August 17th, 2008

Milking Moms

Are you ready to see lactating tits of two lovely milking moms? Lactating MomsI know it has been a while since I updated LactatingS.com. My sincere apologies for keeping you milky hungry guys waiting. So let me make you happy with a double bonanza. Instead one pair of milking tits, here I give two big milk filled juggs. These two milking moms got their boobies full of fresh breast milk and they couldn’t find enough guys to suck on their milky nipples. (Had they told me, I would have gladly sucked on both of them dry. :D )
So when one of these milking mothers, Milky NipplesRachel came up with an idea to have some fun with their lactating boobs, her hubby was glad to film it. The contest was something like this. Who can squirt maximum amount breast milk from their boobies? Can you guess who one the contest?
We…, the lactation fetish lovers. Because we got a chance to see the milky tits of these lovely lactating women. Here is a close up shot of Rachel’s milky nipples. Don’t you feel like sucking on them? ;) Damn… I love milking moms. Click on the pics to enjoy the full sized lactation photos.

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    GREAT Site, never saw it before

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