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Recently I got a message from a regular surfer of asking why there are no lactation stories in here. So far I have only posted sexy lactation pictures and lactating tits vids. Naturally there are some of you lactation fetish lovers out there who loves to read lactation stories as well. Now, I am not the best person to write erotic stories. So I decided to go through some of my favorite lactating tits movie and describe the whole video like a story. So here it is. Enjoy!

Lactation Story:

Lactation StoriesHi, I am john. This incident happened 3 months back. I went to the air port to drop my best friend Lee who was leaving to Beijing to meet his parents. Lee and I have been friends for a long time now. His wife Ying recently delivered their first baby. Lee was delighted and was spending most of the time with his wife and new born baby. Naturally I was also happy to see my best friends first baby. But today Lee wasn’t smiling because he has to leave his wife and kid at New York and fly to China for an important family business matter. Now Lee is kind of guy who give very much importance to family values. Though he has been living in New York for past 9 years, deep inside his heart Lee is still an Asian. So when his father asked him to fly to China he couldn’t say no, though he knew his wife won’t be able to travel with him with the infant. The baby was too young to fly and Ying was breast feeding the child every two hours. I could see the sadness in Ying’s eyes as her husband was leaving to board the flight. But when I promised Lee that I will take good care of his wife and kid, he was sure that I really mean it. That made him feel better.Erotic Stories
After the departure of the China Airlines, I took Lee’s wife and baby to their place. She looked little sad. I played a soft Asian music in the car. Soon Ying fell asleep. Around 15 minutes later Ying woke up hearing her baby crying. Ying took the baby in her arms and started cuddling the baby. Ying looked better after the nap and gave me a smile. The baby was still crying and I thought he was hungry. That was when I noticed the wet spots over Ying’s nipples. I realized that it was time for her to feed the baby. I think she was confused if it was ok to breastfeed her baby in front of me. I said, the baby must be hungry Ying. You need to feed the baby’. Ying gave me a shy smile and placed the baby on her lap. She undid few buttons of her top and unhooked her bra. Carefully she freed her left breast and slowly placed the milky nipples into the baby’s hungry mouth. I saw tiny drops of milk glistering at the tip of her lactating nipples. I felt sudden rush of blood into my cock. This is the first time, I am seeing Ying’s breasts. Her tits are not huge. But those milky melons were in perfect size and shape. Suddenly I realized that Ying is looking at me. She has seen me staring at her tits. I felt guilty for ogling at her tits while she was breast feeding. I took my eyes away. But after a minute my eyes went back to Ying’s milky boobs. I could see the baby sucking on Ying’s semi erect nipples. My cock was getting rock hard. Ying raised her head and she again caught me staring at her tits. Our eyes met and I said, I am sorry. Ying gave me a smile which was an indication that she was not mad at me for staring at her tits. Few minutes later the baby stopped drinking milk and fell asleep. During the whole time she breastfed her baby, Ying caught me staring at her lactating tits many times. All she did was smiling. As Ying placed the baby into the cradle I got a full view of her left breast which was still exposed. After placing the baby Ying turned towards me and asked, “John how long did your mom breastfed you”. Two months, I answered.
I see, that’s why you are still hungry for milk, said Ying with a naughty smile. I chuckled. I said, yeh before I could really feel the taste of breast milk, my mom stopped breastfeeding.
Ying looked into my eyes and asked, do you want to taste it John?
Excuse me…??
I got plenty of milk left in right breasts, Ying said.
I applied a sudden break and the car almost stopped in the middle of the road. My throat went dry and I couldn’t believe what I heard. I pressed the accelerator of the car wanting to reach home as fast possible so that I can get the taste of her breast milk. As I slowly parked the car, I could see Kim removing her top completely and freeing her magnificent yummy milky tits.

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Erotic Lactation
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Lactating Girl

I hope you remember the sexy lactating babe from XX Cel.Lactating Girl Well, I found another hot lactating girl at the same site. This time it is a blonde girl. The sexy lactating girl I posted last was a redhead and I still think she is the cutest. But I have a thing for blonde girls and I am having hard time to decide which one of these lactating girls is the hottest. Well what the heck, I would be happy suck the milky tits of both the girls. 😉

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Free Milky Video

It has been while since I posted a free lactating video on this site. So here we go. Check out this lucky guy sucking breast milk from the big milky tits like a hungry cat. See the babe milking her lactating tits to squirt milk into his awaiting mouth. Do you wanna drink milk? Only crying babies get milk. So click the picture below and head straight into our free erotic lactation video page. Hope you will like it.

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Sexy Lactating Babe

Meet Rose, the cutest lactating babe I have seen on internet.Cute Lactating Babe After seeing this big lactating tits at xx-cel, I joined the site to see more babes with tit milk. Then I found this stunning babe Rose inside their site. I know some of you have already joined the xx-cel website. I am sure you guys have taken the right decision since you are getting hell lot of pics and videos of busty babes as well as sexy lactating babes. But I guess some of you guys are still not sure if it is worth joining the site. So I thought I will post some samples here so that you will get an idea of what you are going to see inside.

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Milking Machine

Hope you liked the big tits Milking picture I posted. Forced MilkingThis time I have another milking pictures for you. Meet Diana the lactating mother with big milky tits. She got so much fresh breast milk in her boobs that it actually hurt her if she doesn’t squirt it out. Since she couldn’t find a horny guy like who are interested in lactating women, (her husband doesn’t like the idea of sucking on milky tits. What a looser! ;)) Diana’s only option is to use a milking machine to get milk out. Do you want to be her personal milking machine? You can be her lactation consultant and start sucking on her lactating tits. LOL!
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Huge Lactating Tits Milking

I found these huge lactating tits when I was surfing internet for more big tits. What a lucky day for me. Couple of weeks back when I posted the breast milking picture, some of you guys asked me if I could get pictures of videos of huge tit milking without a breast pump. Well here it is. A pair of massive milky melons gushing out fresh tit milk. I bet you wanna suck on them. 😉

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Wife Breastfeeding Husband’s Friend

As a lactating sex lover you must be also interested in adults breastfeeding. I love them. In fact adult breastfeeding is one of my favorite sexual fantasy. That is why you see me posting video clips of breastfeeding sex. But most of lactating porn sites do not have much breastfeeding videos except this milky breasts site. Many pictures and videos of wife breastfeeding husband and some hot lactating videos.They have plenty of them in their members area. Here one of my favorite scene where the the horny wife is breastfeeding husband’s best friend.

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Big Black Milkers

I stumbled upon this big black tits during my quest for milky boobs. Before you get excited, I have to tell you that this picture is not from a lactating site. The site is called Chocolate Milk Juggs, but got nothing to do with milky tits. 🙁 But I thought I will post it here because some of you might be into big black boobs and might like this picture. Though the site doesn’t have any breast milking movies, it got some awesome oily tits videos. Check it out.

Black Milkers

Milking Breasts

Sybil is a lactating mom with milky breasts. Forced Milking Sybil got a problem. Her boobs are always filled with milk. Within an hour or so after nursing her baby Sybil’s lovely breasts are filled with milk again. She has no other option that milking breasts using a pump to squeeze out the extra milk. But guess what, she enjoys forced milking and loves it when her hubby is milking breasts. Here is photo her husband took while Sybil is milking her tits using the pump which is latched to her lovely pink nipples.
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Pregnant Tits

Hope all of you have enjoyed the big black tits I posted. It is time to be back with some yummy lactating tits. Check out this pregnant tits of this knocked up babe. She got big milky nipples full of breast milk waiting to be sucked. Don’t want to suck on them? At least show your face so that she can squirt some milk on your face from her lactating pregnant tits.

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