Sexy Lactation Pictures

Nikki is a sexy babe featured in many lactation fetish sites. She has also featured in many pregnant porn sites. I was searching through my bookmarks of lactation pictures and I found this picture gallery where Nikki is squirting out milk from her beautiful lactating tits. I thought I will post a small picture here and you can click on the photo below to see the full gallery.

Sexy Lactation Photos

Who can resist her sexy smile and milky tits? This picture gallery is brought to you by sexy lactation. For who doesn’t know, Sexy Lactation is website dedicated purely for lactation fetish lovers.

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Normally I post only lactating tits photos on this site. But this hot blonde with big tits caught my eyes. Perfect teen tits in class room waiting to be fucked. I envy the lucky teacher who got a nice blog job from this big tit teen girl. Click on the image below to see her big teen tits getting fucked by his huge cock.

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By the way did you guys like the lactating teens photo which I posted on the other day? I am waiting for your opinion to post more.

Lactating Saggy Tits

Anyone interested in watching saggy lactating tits with milk? So far I was posting only attractive lactating ladies with beautiful tits and milky lactating nipples. I hope you have enjoyed all those sweet lactating photographs including the lactating teen girl which I posted a couple of days back. Now, how about watching some old lactating moms and granny with saggy tits? Here is lactating granny with saggy breasts full of milk.

Saggy Lactating Breast
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If you guys are interested, I can post more pictures of milky saggy boobs here.

Lactating Teens

After lactating milfs, it is time for lactating teens and hot lactating babes. Is it possible for a teenage girl to lactate? Well, in rare cases a girl can lactate without getting pregnant. If you love pregnant teens with lactating nipples, then you can see many pregnant nudes here. But what if you don’t like bulging belly of a pregnant girl? You can find one of those teens who delivered her baby and is lactating and feeding breast milk. But most of those lactating teens can’t be found on internet sex sites except girls like Talia. Here is a picture of sexy teen girl Talia squirting hot fresh milk from her lactating tits.

Lactating Teen Girl Photo

Lactating Teens Movies
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You can click on the above picture to see more photos and lactating movies featuring lovely teen girl, Talia.

Lactating Nipples

Mouth watering milky lactating nipples are always a treat to watch. Lactating NipplesEven better, suck on those lactating nipples and drink fresh breast milk. Here is a close up photo of yummy milky nipples. Don’t tell me that you don’t want to suck on them. LOL!
Click on the left picture for full sized lactating nipple photo. The babe in this photo with milky nipples was not pregnant when the photo was taken. So this is one of those lactating pics which falls under lactating but not pregnant category. Enjoy the milky nipples guys.

Lactating Milf

Lactating milf moms are among my favorite fantasies. In fact lactating milfs are no longer a mere fantasy for me. I happened to sleep with a lovely lactating milf once. Ever since I always had a thing for horny lactating milf moms. I know you are jelous. Hey comeon guys. Don’t be jelous. We all love lactating milfs. And I got something special for you. A lactating DVD movie featuring hot and sexy lactating milfs.


Milf Got Milk!
Lactating Milfs
Hot Milfs Lactating Tits

Lactating Milfs#2

Four lactating milfs are in search of horny studs to milf thier cock. Don’t want to join them and have fun with their yummy lactating boobs? See Amber, Becky, Elexa and Renee Summers in this hot lactating DVD.

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Lactating Lesbians

Time for horny lesbians playing with milk filled lactating tits. Hope you guys and gals visited the lactating porn site which I mentioned in my last post. The site is a membership type site where you get access to big collection of movies and pictures for a monthly fee. But what if you want to watch only one lactation video and not the whole site? You got solution for that too. Pay per video sites are ment for that. Here is a free sample lactating lesbian video clip from a pay per view site.

Lactating Lesbians Video
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See the free clipping from the lactating lesbian DVD. Watch horny lactating lesbian girls squirting fresh breast milk and sucking every drop of it. Hope you will love these free video clips and will be eager to suck her lactating boobs and milky nipples.

Lactating Porn

Unlike other porn categories, lactating porn sites are rare. This is due to various reasons. The major reason is; it is not easy to find lactating porn models. Most of the porn sites are full of staged sex scenes where porn stars act according to the directions. They are professionals. Unless in rare cases a woman must be pregnant to lactate. Hence in most cases the porn site owners must find amateur ladies who are pregnant or the women delivered their babies and lactating to appear in lactating porn sites. But don’t worry there are few quality lactating porn sites on internet.

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One such site is called sexy lactating that contains both uncut lactating videos and lactation photos. Here is a screen shot of the site. You can click on the below image to see the website.
The site offers free preview, but a membership is required to see the uncut lactation videos.

Big Tits Videos

Do you love big yummy tits? If you are a lactating tits lover, you sure would love lovely natural tits. Here are some good big tits video clips featuring real natural tits. Check this video clips by clicking on the image. The video clips are from the site extreme naturals, which one of the best big tits sites online with huge collection of big boobs videos.

Pregnant Lactating Tits

What is best about pregnant babes with big preggo belly? They all have yummy lactating tits ready to feed the hungry mouth of horny men. If you haven’t got a chance to suck on lactating tits, then make your girl friend pregnant. When she is ready breast feed, you can enjoy sucking her beautiful milky lactating tits and drink milk from her nipples till you are satisfied.
Pregnant Lactating Wife
This is what happened to one of the Pregnant Porn Sites member.Pregnant Lactating Pics He is a pregnant fetish guy. So he was happy when his wife got pregnant and he could have sex with her. But that was not all. To his pleasant surprise his pregnant wife started lactating when she was 6 months pregnant. He couldn’t resist his urge to show the world how he enjoyed sucking on his pregnant wive’s lactating tits. Would you mind seeing her naked pics and milky boob? 🙂 Click on the picture on right side to see her nude and lactating.