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September 30th, 2007

Wife Breastfeeding Husband’s Friend

As a lactating sex lover you must be also interested in adults breastfeeding. I love them. In fact adult breastfeeding is one of my favorite sexual fantasy. That is why you see me posting video clips of breastfeeding sex. But most of lactating porn sites do not have much breastfeeding videos except this milky breasts site. Many pictures and videos of wife breastfeeding husband and some hot lactating videos.They have plenty of them in their members area. Here one of my favorite scene where the the horny wife is breastfeeding husband’s best friend.

Adult Breastfeeding
Next time before you leave your lactating wife alone at home, make sure that you suck all her tit milk till you empty her milky boobs. ;)

6 Responses to “Wife Breastfeeding Husband’s Friend”

  1. mueen Says:

    please tis beautiful big boobs lactating movies send me on my email address please.

  2. Susana Says:

    My husband always did like this pictures.i like it.

  3. Lactating Says:

    Hi Susana,
    Glad to know that you liked it. It keeps me motivated to find new lactating pics and videos for you guys and gals. ;)
    Admin, Lactatings.com

  4. bharath Says:

    i like this v much i luv to suck milk like this me & my wife luv to do like this. i luv this a lot

  5. sheetal Says:

    woo…m so excited to see .i can feel orgasm.any want to do so mail me.

  6. prem Says:

    Please send me many types of forced milking and lactating breastmilk videos at my email id.I love to do this with my wife.

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